Kentucky Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

Advisory Council Bylaws

Revised 1/13/2018






Mission Statement


The Kentucky conference of Young People In Alcoholics Anonymous (KCYPAA) was founded in 1987 for the primary purpose of carrying the message and principles of  alcoholics anonymous to the suffering alcoholic. In our purpose of carrying the message of unity, service, and recovery through the twelve steps and twelve traditions, we reach out not only to young people, but to all alcoholics, young at heart. The Advisory Council aims to ensure that KCYPAA remains resilient by encouraging cities within Kentucky to bid for the conference. We also assist the current Host Committee throughout the year, and in doing so, adhere to the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Advisory Council Structure


The KCYPAA Advisory Council is a rotating service body comprised of past Host Committee members of the KCYPAA. The Advisory Council is the custodian of the Conference. It is both Legal Guardian and Spiritual Servant of KCYPAA, directly responsible to all members of Alcoholics Anonymous who wish to participate in KCYPAA. The advisory council will be comprised of no more than 15 voting members.  The Advisory Council members will be selected each year from the current Host Committee; three new advisory members, a first alternate, and a second alternate will be selected each year prior to the conference.  Advisory Council members will serve a term of five consecutive conferences, with the term beginning at the close of the conference they are hosting and ending at the close of their 5th conference. The work of KCYPAA will be carried out primarily by an elected Host Committee and the KCYPAA Advisory Council. The KCYPAA Advisory Council reserves the right to veto any decision made by the host committee, as this is legally necessary for our corporation to function. This should only be utilized in circumstances when a host committee decision violates AA traditions or concepts. This may also be utilized in financial decisions.


Election to Council


Each host committee will be responsible to hold elections for new council members prior to the conference they are hosting.  Elections will be done through the third legacy procedure found in the AA general service manual.  Elections will be ran by members of advisory.  Host committee members wishing to stand for advisory council positions must have at least 1 year of continuous sobriety and have a willingness to grow in the 12 steps, traditions, and concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is recommended that members standing for advisory positions have served on the host committee for at least 6 months prior to the conference.


Filling Vacant Positions


Vacant council seats, caused by resignation from council or absence from the conference, may be temporarily or permanently filled by alternate advisory members who served on the same hosting committee as the vacant council member. If an alternate advisory member from the same hosting committee as the vacancy is unavailable to serve, then the vacancy will be filled in order of host year and alternate position. The alternate filling the vacancy will serve out the term of vacancy, if the term is less than five conferences, the alternate advisory member will revert back to being an alternate for the remainder of their term.


In the event that no alternate members are able to fill a vacancy and the advisory council will be at less than full membership at the close of the current conference, the advisory council may request the current hosting committee to elect additional members to serve.  The advisory council may also request current council members to extend their term of service for up to one additional conference. Prior to the current advisory members rolling onto the council, if you are not at full membership then the council may request request a past advisory member who is present at the conference to participate in council business.


Attendance and Resignations


Failure to attend two consecutive meetings without notice or three consecutive meetings, even with notice or reason, will be considered a voluntary resignation from  the Advisory Council.  Any lapse in continuous sobriety is considered an immediate resignation from the advisory council.  All resignations must be submitted to the chairperson in writing and/or email. Alternates are encouraged to attend all advisory council meetings, however not required. They will be expected to review all Advisory Council minutes in order to stay up to date on Council business.


Advisory Council Positions


Council members are trusted servants of KCYPAA and of Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole, whose job it is to encourage KCYPAA participation throughout the year. The advisory council shall elect from its membership, a steering committee who will act as and be of service by the direction of the council and not act individually or collectively without the consent of the council. The advisory council shall also elect general service members. The council is at the disposal of the current conference Host committee, as well as the bidding committees, for any assistance they may need. For the entire council, it is suggested that all members of KCYPAA conduct themselves within the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous. Advisory Council positions include:


The Steering Committee:

The steering committee will consist of a Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. The treasurer will be a signer on the bank account. A second signer of the bank account is required by the chairperson. The co-chair will also receive bank statements and reconcile finances. One steering committee member will sign the current host committee hotel contract. A steering committee member will always be responsible for checking the PO Box and that will be decided by the steering committee members. Each steering committee member will commit to a period of two years service.



The advisory council chairperson is elected to a 2 year term and is responsible for arranging and announcing the agenda of advisory council meetings.  They will run the business meetings and ensure communication of all matters of importance to the entire council. The chairperson should support all members of council in the completion of their duties.



The advisory council co-chairperson is elected to a 2 year term and is responsible for assisting the chairperson in running all advisory council business meetings.  In the chairperson's absence the co-chairperson shall assume all duties of the chairperson.  The co-chairperson shall keep completely informed on all KCYPAA matters and support advisory council members in the completion of their duties.



The advisory council secretary is elected to a 2 year term.  The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all council business meetings and ensure copies are provided to council members in a timely manner.  The secretary should provide redacted copies of the minutes to any person who requests them. The secretary will be responsible for taking and logging attendance. They will also communicate with the chairperson if there are any gaps in attendance if that need to be discussed up in new business.



The advisory council treasurer is elected to a 2 year term and is responsible for keeping accurate records of all advisory council financial transactions. The treasurer shall give a financial report at all business meetings and shall submit a balance sheet to the secretary. The treasurer shall bring all related items including, but not limited to: bank statements, deposit receipts, checkbook and debit card, to the business meetings. The advisory council treasurer will work with the host committee to ensure proper maintenance of host financial records.  The treasurer shall immediately inform the advisory council of any inconsistencies in both advisory council or host committee records. The treasurer will be responsible for making financial distributions in accordance with the advisory council’s wishes and the twelve traditions of alcoholics anonymous.  The treasurer is responsible for properly preparing and submitting any tax documents including the annual report for incorporation and for ensuring that any tax liabilities or payments are paid when due. The treasurer will be a signer on the advisory council bank account.


General Positions:


Outreach Chairpersons

Four outreach chairpersons will be elected to serve 1 year terms and will be responsible for coordinating outreach activities in their designated region.  The four regions are as follows:

-      South East Region

-      North East Region

-      Central Region

-      Western Region

The four outreach chairs should devise a statewide outreach plan at the beginning of their term and encourage members of advisory to help execute the plan.  The outreach plan should at a minimum include, how to encourage new bids for KCYPAA and how to encourage new attendance at the current conference.  All members of advisory should participate in outreach activities.



The archivist will be elected to a 1 year term and shall act as the holder of all historical material relating to KCYPAA. The archivist shall act as a liaison between KCYPAA and the GSO archives in all matters pertaining to KCYPAA archives. The archivist should follow the archive guidelines set forth by GSO to the best of their ability. The archivist shall be responsible to ensuring all historical material is brought to the conference and set up for display.  The archivist shall coordinate with the advisory hotel liaison and the host committee to ensure a suitable space for displaying the archives be provided at each conference.



The webmaster will be elected to a 1 year term and is responsible for monitoring and approving content on the KCYPAA website. The webmaster should immediately bring any concerns of content that could be considered of a harassing or offensive nature, or in conflict with the twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous to the attention of the entire council.


Hotel Liaison

The hotel liaison will be elected to a 1 year term and is responsible for working with the host committee's hotel chairperson and communicate that all pertinent hotel contract information to the advisory council. The hotel liaison should assist the host committee and bid committee’s in finding suitable locations to host KCYPAA. The hotel liaison should assist the host committee in contract negotiations to ensure to the best possible rates for the host committee and the conference attendees.  The hotel liaison is responsible for ensuring the host committee has adequate space available for all conference functions including advisory council functions such as: business meetings, bid sessions and archives.


Host Committee Liaison

The host committee liaison will be elected to a 1 year term and is responsible for being a direct line of communication between the advisory council and the current hosting committee. The host committee liaison will bring all questions or requests for assistance from the host committee to the advisory council. The host committee liaison should be available to attend host committee business meetings.


General Service Liaison

The general service liaison will be elected to a 1 year term and be responsible for maintaining communication between the advisory council and the Area 26 general service structure.  The general service liaison should ensure the Area 26 general service structure is aware of items pertaining to KCYPAA and respond to all requests for information from any general service body.  The general service liaison should ensure the current host committee has contacts for Area 26 and any districts near their hosting city.


Bid Development Chairperson

The bid development chairperson will be elected to a 1 year term.  The bid development chairperson should keep in contact with all bidding committees throughout the year and assist bidding committees in meeting all bid requirements.  The bid development chairperson should refer any questions by a bidding committee to the appropriate advisory council member to ensure the bid committee's success.  The bid development chairperson is responsible for distributing feedback from the advisory council to bidding committees not awarded the conference.


Current Practice Chairperson

The current practice chair will be elected to a 1 year term. The current practice chairperson will keep an up to date list of the Current Practices. The list is to be updated and distributed before in person meetings. This chair position is responsible for knowing and helping implement the GSO structure of policies and procedures. In order to be elected into the position one must have served at least three years on the advisory council.


Operating Rules and Fiduciary Responsibilities


Kentucky Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous operates as an incorporated, non profit entity and will therefore comply with any and all non-profit requirements, including filing an annual tax return and filing annual articles of incorporation. The work of the corporation shall be carried out by and through the appointed Host Committee, Advisory Council, and its Board of Directors which is comprised of the advisory council steering committee. It is suggested that all members of KCYPAA conduct themselves within the 12 steps, 12 traditions, and 12 concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.  KCYPAA will maintain two bank account, one for Advisory Council business and a rotating Host Committee account for current Host Committee use.


Annual Operating Budget, Prudent Reserve, and Seed Money

The Advisory Council will decide upon an annual operating budget at the conference each year. The Advisory Council will maintain a prudent reserve of at least $5,000, based on the estimated costs of sufficiently organizing and conducting the annual conference. In addition, $500 seed money is to be dispersed to the incoming Host Committee once established and must be included in the budget. The Host Committee will return said seed money, along with all funds after expenses, to the Advisory Council within 60 days of the end of the conference.


Insurance Policy

KCYPAA Advisory Council is responsible for obtaining an insurance policy for the annual conference. The Advisory Council should always try to obtain the most comprehensive and reasonably priced policy possible. The type and cost of insurance policy shall be decided by the Advisory Council, in accordance with non profit guidelines.


Close Out Disbursements and Contributions to AA Entities

At the end of each Conference year, the Advisory Council Treasurer will work with the Host Committee to resolve any and all financial interests with outside parties, and to secure the balance of funds and a final financial report from the outgoing Host Committee, within 60 days of the end of the conference.If there is any outstanding debt incurred by the Host Committee, a plan will be agreed upon between the outgoing Host Committee and the Advisory Council as to how to resolve said debt.  The conference year will end and Host Committee disband when a complete financial report has been submitted and approved by the Advisory Council.


At the end of the conference year, the Advisory Council will take no more than $1000 dollars from Conference profits to ensure their prudent reserve and annual operating budget have been met. Any and all additional funds shall be divided and distributed among the AA Entities per “Where Spirituality and Money Mix” AA pamphlet, following discussion by the Advisory Council with a majority ⅔ vote to approve any decision. In the event that no profits remain after the Advisory Council finances have been met, the Advisory Council may use a majority ⅔ vote to allow a percentage of Conference profits to be distributed to the AA Entities.


Advisory Council Meetings & Annual Meeting


Advisory Council Meetings

Advisory council meetings, or business meetings, occur bi-monthly throughout the year.  The Chairperson will set the calendar for all business meetings throughout the year with 4 meetings being held via conference call / video chat, 1 meeting being held in person at a location decided upon by the entire council and an annual meeting occurring at the conference each year.  Attendance at all business meetings is strongly encouraged, if a member cannot attend a meeting they must inform the chairperson or secretary of their absence prior to the meeting and submit a report to the secretary. All General Advisory Council members, except the Chairperson, shall have one vote on all matters. The Chairperson will only have a vote in order to break a tie on a motion. General motions require a simple majority vote to pass.


Annual Meeting

Each year at the conference the advisory council will hold its annual meeting.  The first 30 minutes of the Saturday session of the annual business meeting, also known as the advisory forum, will be open to the conference attendees, however the remainder of the annual meeting is restricted to advisory council members.  The advisory council can request the attendance of any non-member for part or all of the annual business meeting.



The chairperson is responsible for ensuring the advisory council is in quorum prior to the start of any business meetings.  Quorum is defined as fifty percent plus one of all voting council members; no business shall be conducted unless the meeting is in quorum. Once quorum has been met at the beginning of the business meeting, the meeting will remain in quorum regardless of whether or not a council member must leave the meeting.


Bylaws and Operating Rules Changes

Changes to bylaws or operating rules must be submitted in writing prior to a business meeting at which they will be discussed.  A vote to change bylaws must require a 2/3 majority of the entire council to approve.  A vote to change operating rules must require a 2/3 majority of the entire council to approve.


Site Selection

The site selection process for the coming year's conference will occur during the annual business on Saturday.  The site selection process will be open to the conference attendees and will be done through a third legacy voting procedure described in the AA general service manual.  Prior to voting a sharing session will occur in which each advisory council member will have 2 minutes to share on the factors that are influencing their decision.


Host Committee Responsibilities


The KCYPAA Host Committee is a group of AA members who, having been awarded the bid through Advisory selection at the annual KCYPAA conference, establish a committee structure responsible for the hotel planning, programming, preparation, and outreach of the annual conference for the upcoming year. The Conference Committee or Host Committee will begin their conference year the day of their host committee elections and it will run through the conference until their financial report is submitted and approved by the advisory council.


Host Committee Financial Autonomy


1. It is the intent of the KCYPAA Advisory Council to maintain the spirit of trusted service by allowing the Host Committee to maintain their own ledger, and allocate their own funds as they see appropriate, provided they agree upon the following:


i) The host committee will submit a proposed budget to the advisory council no later than 6 months out or 30 days after hotel contract is signed, whichever comes first, host committee will submit a final budget no later than 90 days before conference.


ii) The Host Committee agrees to allow total transparency in their financial records including bank statements, meeting minutes, and any accounting pertaining to the revenue and expense action of the committee.


iii) The Host Committee agrees that any and all transactions that incur debt, and are not outright paid for either in advance or at the time of the transaction, are to be submitted to KCYPAA Advisory for approval.


a. The Host Committee is required to obtain two confirmations of approval, either by signature or electronic mail documented response, from the current KCYPAA Advisory Chair and Treasurer before entering into such agreement.


Cooperation with the Advisory Council


1. If the Host Committee requests assistance, the Advisory Council shall stand ready to assist in any way necessary. The long-term success of the Conference shall always be the primary concern of the Advisory Council.


2. The Council’s position is that of Custodial oversight, therefore it does reserve the right of veto power over any Host Committee action; this is legally necessary and right in principle.


3. The annual site contract (Hotel Contract) will require the signature of both the designated Host Committee representative (Usually the Hotel Chairperson) and one of the Advisory Steering Committee members (Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer or Secretary) to be binding.


Archive Retention After Conference


1.    All materials produced by the Host Committee shall be forwarded on to the Council’s Archivist after the close of the Conference.


Other Host Committee Requirements


1.    Where scheduling is concerned, please consider Conference dates which are in the least possible conflict with other activities in your area and surrounding states.


2.    To establish a registration flyer detailing the dates, location, directions, contact phone numbers, as well as any other important information a person would need to attend the Conference.


3.    To establish the various Sub-Committees as you see fit for the performance of specific aspects needed for the planning of the Conference (program production, event scheduling, outreach, etc.)


4. Each Host Committee will be responsible to hold elections for new Advisory Council members prior to the conference they are hosting.  Elections will be done through the third legacy procedure found in the AA general service manual.  Elections will be ran by members of advisory.  Host committee members wishing to stand for advisory council positions must have at least 1 year of continuous sobriety and have a willingness to grow in the 12 steps, traditions, and concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is recommended that members standing for advisory positions have served on the host committee for at least 6 months prior to the conference.    


5. The outgoing Host Committee is responsible for ensuring that all financial obligations are met following the end of the Conference. Any and all profits remaining are to be turned over to the Advisory Council Treasurer to be distributed among the Advisory Council and the AA Entities (See Advisory Council Operating Rules and Fiduciary Responsibilities).


6.    The outgoing Host Committee treasurer is responsible for providing the Advisory Council Treasurer with a final financial report. The Host Committee will have 60 days from the conclusion of its Conference to forward all financial statement, all bank statements, and all check registers to the KCYPAA Advisory Council Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the Advisory Council members to ensure that these tasks are completed within a sixty day period.


7.    The KCYPAA Advisory Council will maintain a bank account for the current Host Committee, with two signatures from Advisory Council members as well as the Host Committee Chairperson and Treasurer. The Host Committee will be responsible for updating the Advisory Council with any financial or banking issues in a timely manner and keeping all pertinent banking correspondence and receipts.  In order to maintain non profit status, the Advisory Council requires documentation of any and all financial transactions.


8.    Schedule the following meetings on your program: “Bid Session for the next KCYPAA” at 9 am and “Advisory council forum” to follow the Bid Session, and “Site selection” on Saturday afternoon.


9.    A room must be made available for use by the Advisory Council for our annual business meetings to take place. There should also be an area set up for Archives, preferably in the main meeting room.


10. Save time for announcements by the Advisory Council at the end of the Saturday night meeting.


11. In an effort to keep the conference affordable to all members of AA, the maximum conference pre-registration fee is $25. Alterations to the registration cost may be adjusted with advisory council approval.


12. The Host Committee Secretary is responsible for sending all business meeting minutes to the Advisory Council Host Committee Liaison.


KCYPAA Bid Committee


A KCYPAA Bid committee is a committee comprised of at least 3 members of alcoholics anonymous under the age of 40, and who have at least 1 year of continuous sobriety. The rest of the committee can be any age and have varying lengths of sobriety. The committee must notify the Advisory Council within 30 days of the conference of their intent to Bid for the conference. The committee must meet all of the Bid Requirements to be considered for Conference Site Selection by the Advisory Council at the Conference.


Bidding Requirements


1) We strongly encourage members of all ages to participate; however, we do ask that each committee have at least three members who have one or more years of sobriety. Provide a complete list of committee members with contact information and position.


2) Bid cities must have commitments from at least two hotels including dates showing availability of speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof that the hotels require no commitment as to the number of people attending. Provide copies of the Hotel Contracts.


3) Supply a list of any large-scale AA or other recovery related events that are scheduled near the proposed conference dates. This is done in the spirit of cooperation and in an effort to demonstrate our due diligence of avoiding conflicts with other events.


4) Bid cities must provide a statement of support from a minimum of one area delegate or trusted servant in support of hosting the convention in their city.


5) Bid Cities will be required to provide financial records from all committee activities, demonstrating financial autonomy and responsibility within the spirit of AA’s 12 Traditions.


6) Bid Cities must notify Advisory Council 30 days prior to the conference with their intent to bid.


7) Bid Cities must present their bid to the Advisory Council at the Saturday morning bid session in 30 minutes or less.


8) Bidders must provide a concise, written statement illustrating the need for this conference in their area.


9) Bid Cities must have available a temporary pre-registration flyer. Do not include the dates or hotel info.


10) Bid Cities are to provide copies of the above stated bid requirements to the Advisory Council Chairperson at the Saturday morning bid session. All bids will be considered.


11) Prospective bidders must read, understand and be prepared to agree with the requirements as written in the Host Committee Responsibilities.

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